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Transponder Programming Sheffield

Many people will go about their lives without ever realising that there is a transponder in their keys or that they need Transponder Programming Sheffield services. A malfunctioning transponder can lead to your key behaving erratically. Sometimes your car may refused to start for no apparent reason or it may start before suddenly powering off. While there are many reasons why these types of events could happen, a poorly programmed transponder may in fact be the reason. Thankfully, if this happens to you as you drive through Sheffield, you can reach out to Auto Locksmith Sheffield and we’ll have a solution ready for you ASAP!

We are very familiar with transponder systems in all car models. Transponders have been an ever present feature in cars since around the mid-90s and they were introduced as a way of addressing the high numbers of vehicle theft. Before transponders, vehicle’s ignition system only relied on a simple key. This means that if someone could copy the shape of your key, they could easily drive off in your car. Transponders introduced a new electronic challenge that has since brought down the number of incidents of car theft in many parts of the UK.

A transponder chip is placed inside your car key and this transponder has one simple purpose. When you attempt to start your car by turning your key, a signal is sent from your car to the key and the transponder chip is supposed to respond with the right code. If the code from the transponder is wrong, the engine will automatically cut off. All this happens in a very short amount of time so there’s never any noticeable delay. The first transponders were easy to program and even car owners could program their own car keys. However, this system didn’t do much to deter thieves.

However, the systems used to make the transponders and program them became increasingly complex over the years and it has now gotten to the point where even experienced auto locksmiths may find it hard to program the keys for certain car models. Transponder programming isn’t only done when a transponder is malfunctioning. This is also necessary when you’re replacing a broken or lost key since the codes in the new key must match those in the car. In case of Lost Keys, the whole system is supposed to be reprogrammed so that your car only recognises the new key. Without this, your car could be at risk of getting stolen.

Auto Locksmith Sheffield is one of the few auto locksmith companies in the area that can be trusted to handle this job. We work with state of the art equipment that enable us to program keys for any car model whether they are locally made or from other countries. Call us today if you have a transponder key that needs programming.

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